Brig. Eng. Mejalli Awad Al-Mejalli


Brig. Eng. Mejalli Awad Al-Mejalli possesses a wealth of skills and expertise in organizational management and information systems. With a strong background in defining departmental structures and mandates, Mejalli excels in establishing and managing work teams. His extensive knowledge of information security best practices reflect a commitment to maintaining robust cybersecurity measures. Additionally, Mejalli has hands-on experience in formulating and overseeing organizational budgets. His proficiency in information systems management, including a profound understanding of IBM mainframe architecture, highlights his technical acumen. Furthermore, Mejalli's professional journey showcases his leadership roles, starting as a System Programmer for IBM z/OS and progressing to Head of Technical Support and Head of User Support at the Information Systems Department of the Ministry of Interior. From 2014 to 2019, he served as the Director of Administrative Affairs at the General Directorate of Information Systems. Since 2019, Mejalli has held the position of Assistant Director of the Telecommunications Department at the Ministry of Interior, and as of May 2023, he assumed the role of Director of the Telecommunications Department Mejalli's educational background includes a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Qatar,