Access to QNBN Information

In accordance with the provisions of Qatar Law No. (9) of 2022 regarding the regulation of the Right to Access Information (the “Law”), Qatar National Broadband Network (QNBN) is dedicated to ensuring transparency and guaranteeing the public's right to access information including but not limited to our operations, pricing, and quality of service.

QNBN is also committed to proactively disclosing information that is of public interest and importance, in compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks.

For any questions or clarifications regarding our commitment to access to information, please contact

    Information Requester Data

    National/Personal Address


    Information to be obtained

    Justification for submitting the application

    Request Type

    Preferred means of receiving information

    Obtain permission to publish information


    Use the information for legitimate purposes only.
    Not to distort the content of the information.
    Indicate the source of the information and the date of issue.
    Not to use the information to offend others or harm the public interest

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