Real Estate Development

For real estate developers and contractors building Qatar’s massive infrastructure, architects, consultants and engineers, the high speed fiber optic network will add value to their developments and meet the needs of the vast construction and transport projects underway – building new cities, hotels, apartment blocks and villas, as well as a new port and marinas and a new railway network.

Benefits include:

  • Next generation high speed broadband in all real estate developments in Qatar offers customers the very best of cutting edge services
  • High speed broadband enhances multimedia applications, design programs and architectural planning and enables streaming media, software and media downloads
  • ‘Future-proof’ new developments to ensure residents have access to high speed broadband now and in the future
  • These smart developments together will enable Qatar to be the ultimate ‘smart city state’  in its application of technology and adoption of innovation to create an environment that sets the agenda for cities of the future