Qnbn lit up the Internet in Qatar on National Day

December 22, 2012

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Google, Qatar Living, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook – all featured Qnbn’s commitment to the nation’s future

Qatar National Broadband Network (Qnbn) surprised and delighted the nation by highlighting its pledge to empower the nation on the Internet on Qatar National Day. In an inspired online communication outreach, Qnbn featured messages expressing its commitment to Qatar’s future on a wide range of Internet sites such as Google, Qatar Living, MSN Facebook, and Yahoo.

Qnbn’s Chief Executive Officer, Mohammad Al-Mannai, commented: “For us the Internet presented the perfect medium to send out messages from Qnbn on National Day that reiterate our determination to transform people’s lives in Qatar with the latest 21st century technology platforms. As the day that commemorates the founding of this great nation, we wanted to reaffirm our vision of the world of possibilities that will result from Qnbn’s cutting edge fiber optic broadband network. Our key message was that high speed communications of over 100 mbps will serve to empower the nation. We also restated our aim to attain 95% coverage across the country to enable the country. In line with the National Vision 2030, we saw our role as a catalyst for building a knowledge-based economy in Qatar.”

Qnbn has received a 25 year license to provide Qatar with fiber optic broadband throughout the country, thus being officially endorsed as the fiber optic broadband infrastructure provider for Qatar.

In November, Qnbn picked up the World Finance Award for Best innovation, Middle East 2012. Qnbn was awarded for being one of the first initiatives for an open network funded by the government in the region.

Qnbn’s vision was spelt out on the Internet to resonate with all those online in Qatar celebrating National Day –Qnbn’s powerful visualization of a country powered by fiber optic broadband, rang out loud and clear on the Internet as a rallying call to individuals and businesses alike to be part of the nation’s promising future.