Qnbn and Barwa Real Estate Company enter a Framework Agreement Further Paving Way towards High-Speed Internet Connectivity in Qatar

September 17, 2011

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Qatar National Broadband Company (Qnbn) and Barwa Real Estate Company (Barwa) have signed a framework agreement furthering the Qatari government’s ambitious drive to build a nationwide high-speed fiber broadband network.
The joint commitment will see Qnbn provide Fiber-to-Home (FTTH) network to a multitude of Barwa projects spread across the country, allowing thousands of residential and commercial tenants of Barwa to utilize the next generation of connectivity.
A fully-independent company, Qnbn has been mandated by the Qatari government to realize its goal of bringing very high-speed broadband services to 95% of households and 100% of government and businesses in Qatar by 2015.
Barwa is a leader in real-estate sector in Qatar and has a number of projects currently either completed or taking shape at various sites across the country. For context, the company’s mega project, Barwa City Phase I, alone will be home to 25,000 residents once completed.
According to the terms of the agreement, Qnbn will ensure the installation of FTTH – through a network of underground telecom ducts – at Barwa projects, and subsequently lease it to operators to offer retail telecom services. The Qnbn will also provide access to the FTTH infrastructure of Barwa for non-telecom services.
The agreement was signed by Qnbn chief executive officer, Mohamed Al-Mannai as Abdulla Bin Abdulaziz Turki Al-Subaie, the Barwa Group chief executive officer, represented Barwa.
“As we embark on taking the country to the next level of connectivity, bringing major stakeholders on board this national initiative is of paramount importance to us. Barwa’s commitment to work with Qnbn is a sure sign of the company’s vision of approaching all their projects in a sustainable manner while enriching lives of its tenants,” said Mohamed Al-Mannai, Qnbn’s CEO.
“Qnbn is committed to building a shareable fiber optic network and providing access to it on an open, equal and non-discriminatory basis to licenses telecommunications operators in order to provide telecommunications services to end users,” added Al-Mannai.
”In line with our mission of contribution to the sustainable growth of our nation, and specifically by investing in services, Barwa assures the continuous drive and determination to be in accord with Qatar’s overarching development plan” stated Abdulla Al-Subaie, Barwa Group CEO. “The framework agreement with Qnbn provides an edge in technology employed in our real estate projects that paves the way to achieving state of the art equipped property” added Al Subaie.
Qnbn’s FTTH network is expected to create a new wave of effective use of multimedia and communications applications spurring economic development and growth of knowledge in Qatar. Qnbn will focus solely on the deployment of a passive network infrastructure, efficiently leveraging existing and new infrastructure in Qatar. Qnbn operates within the existing laws and under license conditions issued by Supreme Council of Information & Communication Technology (ictQATAR).