Qnbn Qatar Vision 2030, by isapisa on Flickr

Qatar National Vision 2030

In line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, Qnbn is committed to being the major conduit for Qatar’s progress by providing the very latest technology platforms to help achieve a knowledge-based ICT economy. Qnbn’s state of the art fiber optic network will enable the country to consolidate its place as one of the most dynamic, progressive and fastest growing economies in the region and the world.

The four guiding principles of the Qatar National Vision 2030 for developing a thriving and sustainable national economy focus on human, social, economic and environment development and align closely with Qnbn’s vision. By providing high speed communications infrastructure and increased fiber capacity, the fiber optic network will improve the quality of life for Qatar’s citizens and enhance education services. In addition, it will be an engine for business growth and offer truly sustainable solutions that work to preserve the earth’s resources and reduce Qatar’s carbon footprint.

With the aim of maximizing coverage across the nation, through the latest ICT solutions for economic development, government and society, Qnbn is providing a foundation for future generations. .

By building an accessible cutting-edge fiber optic network that puts high speed broadband within everyone’s reach, Qnbn is providing open, equal and affordable access to licensed telecommunications providers and choice for end users.

Qnbn’s fiber-optic broadband network will change people’s lives dramatically and empower businesses across the nation to be more competitive. It will do this by delivering internet speeds of at least  100+ Mbit/s to people  at work and at home as they enjoy next generation service innovations and content. It will also allow people to experience more efficient and responsive public services in their everyday life and represents one of the most important milestones in the country’s recent history.

Credit: Photo by Isabell Schulz