Qnbn is currently equipping the nation with next-generation fiber optic broadband infrastructure, enabling delivery of ultra-broadband communication services f, increased competitiveness and improved sustainability of Enterprises and Public Entities (Government, Public Services and Education) in Qatar.

With solutions like Point-to-Point Fiber Connection (P2P), your business can benefit from:

  • Much faster speeds to handle large data transfers
  • Unbeatable security of full dedicated fibers for your links
  • Development of new fields of applications, services and content
  • Solution for disaster recovery: backup and data storage
  • Cost savings through eco-friendly video conferencing
  • Better customer relationship management, stock and inventory control; and
  • New possibilities in cloud computing

End to End Point to Point (P2P) Fiber

The End to End P2P Fiber is an optical fiber product that allows the Enterprise to connect its locations with a dedicated fiber links. By using the product the Enterprise can complete a Private Network. The product grants the use of dedicated fiber strands with their full transmission media capacity.

The product is intended for Enterprises and Public Entities with strict requirements of broadband, Quality of Service and security. The huge fiber capacity is entirely available to the Customer without being shared with other users. This kind of connection supports advanced Enterprise services such as Metro Ethernet or IP MPLS with incomparable features with regard to legacy accesses.

Qnbn’s network comprises Central Offices connected among them and Point to Point links that provide access from the Customer Premises to the Central Office. The End to End Point to Point Fiber extends the access and the Central Office links to create a dedicated connection between almost any pair of service delivery locations within Qnbn’s footprint.

The service delivery locations of the End to End Point to Point Fiber can be:

  • Customer Premises
  • Qnbn Points of Presence where the Customer is present (e.g. Data Centers)