National Broadband Plan

The Government of Qatar, through the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT), recognizes the importance of broadband connectivity and the ICT sector as whole in achieving the 2030 national vision for human, social, economic and environmental development. As such the MICT has developed the Qatar ICT Strategy 2015 and National Broadband Plan with an overarching objective of supporting and promoting broadband market development.

The Broadband Plan sets out four targets to achieve the overarching objective. These are:

  1. All of the population to have the ability to choose between a minimum of two broadband retail providers by 2016, irrespective of location.
  2. Ninety-five percent of households to have the ability to access affordable and high-quality broadband service of at least 100 Mbps effective download and 50 Mbps effective upload speeds by 2016.
  3. All businesses, schools, hospitals and government institutions to have high-quality access to at least 1 Gbps effective symmetrical speeds by 2016.
  4. Digital literacy to be expanded to all of the mainstream population by 2016, in conjunction with guarantees of the user’s digital privacy, protection of personal data and freedom of opinion and expression.

Advanced ICT is seen as crucial to an innovative, diversified economy and a high standard of living for all of Qatar’s people, hence, comes the importance Qatar ICT Strategy 2015 to advance the country’s digital agenda.

Qnbn is committed to support the targets of Qatar’s ICT Strategy and Broadband Plan to foster a sustainable digital future and will be instrumental in improving connectivity, boosting capacity, fostering economic development, enhancing public service delivery and advancing societal benefits. Qnbn’s fiber network will provide the spur to modernize the legal and regulatory framework, enhance cyber safety and security, digital inclusion and ICT human capital, and bring innovation and entrepreneurship through fresh new digital content.